The Barn, Block Farm, Bradfield
Combust, Bury, IP30 0LW

With such a huge variety of stock, it is impossible to show every item. Some things come in one day and go out the next, but here is a selections of goods that have recently arrived.

If you are searching for a particular item please contact us, you never know when salvaged treasures are going to turn up!

Lead circular planter

Lead circular planter with Tudor rose emblems to the side, 42 cm high and 58 cm diameter £595.00

Early brick hod

Early brick hod possibly late Victorian £150.00

Glass/ ceramic panels

Glass/ceramic panels from Coldham Hall, Suffolk. Ideal for bathrooms.

Assorted sizes and colours available.

Arched top wooden garden gate

Arched top garden gate 4ft wide £200.00

Work bench

Wooden work bench with vice £300.00.

Glass bricks

Assorted glass bricks only 50 pence each to clear.

Massive fireback

Massive fireback 108 cm W x 102 cm H. French House of Bourbon crest. Genuine antique sand cast £1995.00

Imperial soft red bricks

Imperial size soft red bricks, orange/red mix 5000 in stock. To clear 99 pence each plus Vat.

Imperial hard red bricks

Imperial size hard red bricks to clear 223mm x 68mm. Only 85 pence each plus Vat. 6000 in stock

Sandstone trough

Sandstone trough with some damage to top 80 cm x 63 cm 50 cm £495.00

Stone trough

Stone trough in excellent condition 90 cm x 63 cm x 37 cm deep. £895.00

Large stone trough

Large stone trough 98 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm deep. Some cracking, but still good value at £1200.

Cornish granite staddlestones

Cornish granite staddlestones £299.00 each

Granite Bridge

Granite bridge for oriental garden £495.00

Carved Oak panels


Run of approx. 16.5 m x 1.75m high. Each carved insert is different. £5000 plus Vat for the whole lot.

Meet and greet/ pest control


Molly the cat. Hobbies include mouse catching and snoozing in the sun